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Picture of Young GirlAbout one in every 17,000 people have Albinism. These individuals fail to produce melanin, a photoprotective pigment. While melanin's role in protecting us from ultraviolet light is understood, it also has other important functions in the development of the retina and brain and their interconnection of which we know much less..

Macular Hypoplasia: The fovea a tiny area in the center of the macula region of the retina, the most sensitive area of vision in the retina fails to fully develop.

Iris Color and Transillumination: The pigmentation of iris and choroid may be lacking causing light to penetrate directly through the structures of the eye rather than only through the pupil. In some cases the iris may be pink.

Skin and Hair Hypopigmentation: Hair and eyelashes may be under pigmented. In ocular albinism, the hair and skin pigmmentation may not be effected.

Nystagmus, a jerky motion to the eyes is usually present.

Strabismus: Often the eyes may not work together as a binocular team. An eye may cross in or turn out.

Brain Retina Connections: The pathways from the retina to brain may follow different pathways than in non-albinos.

Transillumination of the iris

Hypopigmentation of the hair and eyelashes

The hypopigmentation and macular/foveal hypoplasia

Transillumination of the iris

Hypopigmentation of the hair and eyelashes

The hypopigmentation and macular/foveal hypoplasia

A special thanks to Andrea, Steve and Teresa and their parents for allowing us to use their photographs.

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The sites listed below are among the best every created for a specific eye condition: You will find a wealth of information at these sites.

BulletNational Organization of Albinism and Hypopigmentation NOAH This site exists to provide information about albinism and NOAH. It's a place where people with albinism, their families and those that work with them can ask questions and share their experiences.

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NEW  We have tried to put together an insight to Albinism in a light way, hopefully making it easier to understand.  Though there are serious issues to address and comment on as well, this will be covered in the same way, but not to detract from the importance of that particular issue

BulletInternational Albinism Center  The International Albinism Center is a team of dedicated research professionals interested in understanding the basis of albinism in humans. We are a multi-disciplinary group of researchers that include interests in clinical genetics, molecular biology, ophthalmology, dermatology, and biochemistry, all with a central theme of understanding the cause and effect of albinism.

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