Introduction to Braille
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 Braille is a means of reading and writing for blind people. The history and development  of the Braille system has made it possible for blind people to take notes, write letters, read books and popular magazines, compute mathmatical equations, and even read and write music. Most important, however, Braille is literacy to a blind person.


BulletNEW Louis Braille: A Touch of Genius  by Michael Mellor    The first ever, fully illustrated biography available in print or Braille.
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BulletBraille - My goal is to specialize in unique products which are in some way related to Braille, Orientation & Mobility, education of the blind and visually impaired, and the teaching profession as a whole. All of the items found within this web site are unique and can only be purchased through Braille Novel-T's.

BulletHistory of Reading Codes for the Blind  A detailled history of reading codes for the blind: Velintin Hauy, Louis Braille, Gall, Alston, Lucas, Moon, William Bell Wait

BulletBraille Mentoring Project   The National Federation of the Blind has a deep and lastingcommitment to actively encourage the continued teaching and use ofBraille. To this end, we have engaged in such activities asspearheading the passage of Braille literacy bills in the various statelegislatures, sponsoring an annual nationwide "Braille Readers areLeaders" contest for blind students and establishing the NationalAssociation to Promote the Use of Braille, the Federation's vehicle forcollective action regarding Braille related issues; we have alsodeveloped a full-length video drawing the need for improved Braille education for blind children.


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