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  • The PVA not only has standard black and white and high contrast with white letters on a black background, but also offers full color.


  • This system has a wide range of magnification possibilities. In cases of severe vision loss, it can be connected to a 32 inch or larger monitor to provide greater magnification than most console based CCTV on the market.


  • This system is simple to hook up. The PVA plugs into any standard television through the video jack.


  • PVA offers one touch refocus making it easy for all ages of patients to use this system.


  • PVA comes with a mirror attachment which allows you to view your face at high magnification. This allows a lady to check his makeup or allows a gentleman to shave. 


  • Unscrewing one knob allows the system to fold down into a carrying case and  go with you for an extended trip.  Its light weight makes it ideal for people who take extended vacations away from home, and want a system to go with them.