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Frequently Asked Questions

On your initial visit, we will evaluate the visual capabilities you currently have and explore optical and non-optical methods available to compensate for and adapt to your vision loss. Various testing to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current vision will be performed. This may indicate that you will benefit from training to relearn visual skills. We are not replacing your eye care professional or treating your eye disease.

We hope to help you use your remaining vision more effectively. To best accomplish this objective, you should think about what visual task is a priority. This will help determine which program to follow.

Many patients with macular degeneration have a blurred or blank spot in the center area of vision, which causes part of a word to be missing. Learning a new eye position can reduce this problem. Our occupational therapist teaches this technique and with practice a dramatic difference can be made in performance of many daily activities.

For many people it may require more visits to best fulfill your needs. You will be shown assistive devices to help with reading and other activities and provided appropriate training to compliment visual skills taught by our occupational therapist. Both optical and state of the art electronic devices, including portable systems are available for trial.

It is our goal to assist you and through our joint efforts, maintain or even regain your independence.

Ronald J. Cole M.D.

Marilee Walker OTR

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Visual Rehabilitation Center
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