The Personal Vision Assistant

Designed for Macular Degeneration Patients

One of the Simplest CCTV Systems to Use


Now you can:

Read a newspaper.

Write your checks.

See your medicines.

See to shave.

See to put on makeup.

Read a food label.

Check your makeup.

Cut your fingernails

Look at photo albums.

Address an envelope.

Read your bills.

Look up phone numbers.

Read the Bible.

Write a to do list.

Count your money.

Thread a needle.








Simple to Use at 
Any Age

PVA is a remarkable new electronic magnification system. It was designed with the special needs of the macular degeneration patient in mind.


Designed by Doctors

Doctors helped to design the PVA, the Personal Vision Assistant and only doctors may prescribe this system.


New Features

PVA contains many new functions including a mirror attachment to allow you to see your face to shave or put on makeup and a 350,000 pixel full color camera. It connects easily to most television.



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