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4801 Linwood Blvd
KC, MO 64128
Tel: 816-861-4700 ext 7408
Fax: 816-922-8382

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Contact person: Sarah Starnes, MSW
Social Worker/Coordinator

S t a f f:

Joseph H. Maino, O.D., F.A.A.O.

Robert Carty, OD
Chief, Optometry

Tim Harkins, OD
Staff, Optometrist

Thirza Thompson, MA
Low Vision Rehabilitation Therapist

Eric Bernath, MA
Low Vision Rehabilitation Therapist

Sarah Starnes, MSW
Social Worker/Coordinator

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Eligibility criteria:

Veterans with honorable discharge (other regulations may apply)

Best corrected distance vision of 20/50 or worse and/or clinically significant visual field

Catchment area: Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska & Arkansas


Typically through a VA Medical Center's Visual
Impairment Program May be self referred or referred by a doctor or
agency serving the blind and visually impaired


No cost to service connected veterans (10% or
more) Medicare deductible for non-service connected

All low vision devices provided at no cost.


VICTORS has received numerous awards. These include the American Optometric Association's Apollo Award and the Department of Veterans Affairs, Olin E. Teagure Award (one
of the VA's highest honors). In addition to patient care, VICTORS
staff conducts research to improve care to Visually impaired
veterans and trains America's future low vision specialists.

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